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Dog Friendly 2K to Benefit Dogs of War - This Sunday!

From an email: "

What: A&E Dogs of War 2K-9 at the Marine Corps Marathon

Who: Dogs and their owners can partake in a 2K (1.2mi) run/walk

Where: Within the existing Marine Corp Marathon footprint along the National Mall in Washington D.C.

When: Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 7:40am

Why: The Marine Corps Marathon and A&E Television Network are partnering to honor our nations active and veteran servicemen and women and recognize the positive impact of therapy dogs in their recovery process. A&E will donate $500 to Operation Gratitude for each participant and dog pairing, for a total donation of $50,000. This special event at the 2014 marathon is to celebrate A&E’s new series, “Dogs of War,” premiering in November."

Ask the Elites: Favorite Post-Race Activity

"square pancakes" by Flickr User: Steve McFarland. License


Lisa Chilcote of MCRRC:
Something fun and somewhat relaxing like a movie.

Dionis Gauvin of MCRRC:
My favorite post-race activity is brunch because I'm always hungry, and I'm especially hungry after a race.  

Lauren Klumpp of Potomac River Running:
My favorite post race activity is rewarding myself with lunch or brunch with friends and an ice cold beer!  Pumpkin beer for fall races, of course ;)

Washington D.C. Area Things To Do This Weekend: October 25 - 26

Washington D.C. Area Things To Do This Weekend

"Great fall colors on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park". Photo taken in 2008 by Flickr user Dion Hinchcliffe. License

As of Wednesday afternoon, the NOAA is predicting weekend sunshine and temperatures in the 60's.

This week's list includes 10 activities, all are FREE! 

Fuel Your Body for an Endurance Event: Pre-Race Meal Do's and Don'ts

Fuel Your Body for an Endurance Event: Pre-Race Meal Do's and Don'ts
About the Author: 

Amy Rizzotto is a Washington D.C. fitness blogger, nutrition coach, yoga instructor, and co-owner of Yoga Heights.

Last week we looked at what to eat one week before your next endurance event and what did we learn? It’s all about balanced eating. Every. Single. Day. You should be eating a diet loaded with veggies and fruit, lean protein, healthy fats, and whole grains, and avoiding excess alcohol, sweets and junk food as much as possible.

Fuse Pilates Opens on 14th Street - FREE Classes This Weekend

Fuse Pilates Opens on 14th Street

From an email: "Word on the mat has been that we’re opening up a second Fuse studio in downtown DC. But now it’s official. Like ribbon-cutting, speech-giving, flags-waving official. We’re beyond excited to announce that our brand spanking new location at 1401 14th St., NW in the heart of Logan Circle (which we’ll be referring to as Fuse on 14th from now on, so you know) will be open for business next Saturday, October 25th. That’s less than 7 days away!"

4 Keys to Strength Training Success

4 Keys to Strength Training Success

"U.S. Naval Forces Central ..." by Flickr user USS Bataan. License

Lifting guru Dan John has said that “strength is the glass into which you pour every other fitness quality.” This means that everything else you want, such as endurance, fat-loss, muscular hypertrophy, and power are limited by your strength levels.

Here are four tips for building an effective strength training program that will help you meet your own unique goals.

Washington DC Area Fitness Event Highlights - Oct 22 Edition

Pole Pressure Capitol Hil

Join Pole Pressure Capitol Hill for a FREE Intro on November 9th.

In this series, we highlight new and/or upcoming events listed on the Active Life DC calendar and Daily Activity pages. A quick reminder, special events and fitness classes can now be posted to the calendar FREE of charge. One needs to register for an account to post, but the whole process should take only a few minutes.

Post a class or event

Many of the highlighted events are FREE!

Ask the Elites: How Do You Mentally Prepare for a Big Race?

Katilin Sheedy shown winning the Nike Women's Half earlier this year.

Katilin Sheedy shown winning the Nike Women's Half earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Kaitlin Sheedy. 

Lisa Chilcote of Montgomery County Road Runners Club (MCCRC): Try not to think about it.

Dionis Gauvin of MCRRC: I try to remind myself, over and over again, that I should start conservatively in order to finish strong.  Unfortunately, I don't always follow my own advice/mental preparation.

Featured Yogi: Maggie Lively of Little River Yoga

Maggie Lively of Little River Yoga

Maggie Lively of Little River Yoga.

About Maggie: "Maggie Lively is a devoted practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga and strives to serve students with compassion and motivate them to find perfection within themselves. She teaches at Little River Yoga, The Source Yoga & apprentices at Kali Yoga."

Maggie was kind enough to answer questions for us in the latest installment of our Featured Yogi series.

CrossFit Talk: An Interview with Siddharth Sawkar of CrossFit South Arlington

Siddharth Sawkar of CrossFit South Arlington.

Siddharth Sawkar of CrossFit South Arlington

About Siddharth: "Siddharth is the co-owner of CrossFit Key Bridge and CrossFit South Arlington."

Siddharth was kind enough to answer questions for us in the lastest installment of our CrossFit Talk series. 

Five Items You Shouldn't Be Without During an Injury

Five Items You Shouldn't Be Without During an Injury

Jamie Corey discusses five items runners shouldn't be without during an injury.

Nearly eight weeks ago, I had to stop running because of a hip injury. I had to drop out of two marathons and per the doctor's orders, I had to go to physical therapy twice a week. While going twice a week has improved the strength in my hip, the exercises I've done on my own, at the direction of my therapist, have been instrumental in the progress I've made. Here are 5 items I feel aided in my recovery.

Washington D.C. Area Weekday Things To Do Oct 19 - 23

november project dc

Join the November Project for an early morning morning workout on Wednesday. Read more for details. 

Get active this week! Our list features 8 FREE activites, including CrossFit, group runs, bootcamp, Toned Up Tuesday with VIDA, and more!

Visit the NOAA for the latest weather updates. 

Elevate Interval Fitness on 14th Street Opens for Business

Elevate Interval Fitness Opens for Business

Photo provided by Elevate Interval Fitness.

From a press release: "WASHINGTON, DC. –Elevate Interval Fitness opens for business on Saturday, October 18th. The 14th Street group training facility is the first of its kind in Washington, DC. 

Boasting 2,800 square feet, Elevate features a large training space that utilizes Woodway Treadmills, WaterRowers, TRX suspension trainers, free weights and a variety of other equipment to provide clients with the most complete workout in the city in under an hour. The program can accommodate up to 26 participants in each session.

Elevate’s philosophy is to utilize interval training in a number of methods, patterns and equipment variations to improve participant’s overall athleticism, and provide clients with the lean, athletic physique they desire. Each day coaches provide a unique routine designed to be both challenging and fun. The program encourages consistent participation and over time drives physical adaptation.  Participants can expect enhanced cardiovascular capacity, increased strength and endurance and improved overall athleticism. "


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